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    The food and beverage industry relies on tightly linked supply chain performance. You don’t want breaks at the border. With Livingston, your goods will reach your customers in optimal time at lower cost.

    Stay ahead of food safety expectations.

    The rules change. Don’t let them delay shipments. As a food importer, you must comply with safety and quality control expectations of the FDA and FSMA in the United States, and Health Canada and the CFIA in Canada. That’s not easy — especially if you don’t have dedicated resources. We do. Let us help.

    Comply with all regulations, effortlessly.

    Comply with all regulations, effortlessly.

    Comply with all regulations, effortlessly.
    We have the latest information on the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Act. For the U.S., rely on us for FDA registration assistance and issue-resolution. In Canada, our CFIA team helps you comply with new regulations.

    Be ready for Customs every time.

    Be ready for Customs every time.

    Customs regulations are a major hurdle for food importers and exporters. Classification and valuation must be accurate or you risk fines and delays. We’ll help you meet your obligations and minimize the risks. Our processes include detailed documentation and a supporting audit trail.

    View and share your data, easily.

    View and share your data, easily.

    Let us help you with record keeping and transactional visibility. Our technology solutions such as Insight?, TradeSphere?, and MyCargo?, give you the tools to share data with trade partners while drastically reducing manual paperwork.

    Eliminate delays.

    Eliminate delays.

    Trade delays cost money. Don’t let incomplete paperwork cause border delays that could spoil your product. Trade delays cost money. We make sure your products are properly classified and your data is easily accessible prior to clearance to speed the process.

    • Customs Brokerage
      Customs Brokerage

      Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance.

    • Global Trade Management
      Global Trade Management

      Total import/export compliance services. Don’t let your operations impede your opportunities.

    • Freight

      Ocean Freight. Air Freight. Freight Management Services. Project Moves. Cargo Insurance.

    • Trade Consulting
      Trade Consulting

      Compliance. Valuation. Audit. Controls. Disclosure. Licensing. Classification. Financial recovery. Supply chain security.

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