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  • Ground Freight

    Fast and reliable trucking services from the experts at Livingston. Long haul, regional, expedited or dedicated services; we have the professionals to solve complex transportation challenges. Our long haul and local transportation trucking services include FTL freight, LTL and flatbeds for overweight and over-dimensional cargo. Domestic U.S., U.S./Mexico, U.S./Canada, Canada/U.S., or domestic Canada – work with us to move your freight.


    • Truckload Services – From refrigerated to dry; domestic to cross-border
    • Less Than Truckload Services – no shipment is too big or too small
    • Flatbed, Step Deck and Roll-Tite trailers for added flexibility
    • Specialized and over dimensional expertise

    Livingston offers full, shipment-level visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Our service ensures that you know where your shipments are every step from origin to destination. We offer:

    • Mode and carrier selection
    • Shipment optimization
    • Order consolidation
    • Track and trace
    • Inbound materials management and coordination
    • Supplier compliance
    • Expertise at securing carrier capacity
    • Freight bill audit and payment
    • Assistance with your metrics reporting requirements